Stretch for Strength


A new approach to opening up the body and the mind

The Concept

There is a new concept of how to stretch muscles. When we create resistance the fascia expands, allowing each muscle's fibers to properly stretch, release and contract. It is a collaborative experience in which one area resists while  another works to either push or pull against it. The goal is to break down dense fascia and scar tissue to create a truer state of balance within all areas of the body.

The Options

Typically Stretching is done on mats on the floor, working along the meridians and their associated muscle groups using resistance to help stretch as well as strengthen.  Because the muscles are always in motion, we are able to work within your range of ability and challenge the areas where it is needed most.

This work can also be incorporated in with massage or other bodywork treatments, helping to release the muscles faster and easier.

Group classes

$15 per class

Mondays 9:00-10:30  Indiglo Healing Arts

our space is limited so please book your spots early!

719 Taylor St, Port Townsend 

Wednesdays 9:00-10:00  All Points Pilates

we have lots of room, come check us out!

 20 Colwell St, Port Hadlock

 Hands on Assisted Stretching

$75 per hour