Crystal Healing

Connecting with the energies of Earth and Light

The Reconnection (333 Activation)

Re-Connecting you to your Life's Purpose

This 2 part Activation is a specific process of creating a holographic grid over the body, connecting you to the fullness of the Universe, allowing you to travel along your life path in a more conscious manner. This refinement brings in “new” axiatonal lines connecting the body's meridian system to the ley lines of the earth and the universal grid. These lines are part of a timeless network of intelligence that is the basis of energy for the renewal functions of the human body.

The Reconnection takes place in two one hour sessions, one to three days apart.            $333 

111 Activation

Making the body more permeable to Light

This transformational, energetic process helps you to evolve on your life's journey by making the body more permeable to light. During this time of great energetic shift, everything can benefit from this expansive connection with more light; people, animals, businesses, properties and more! Working within the quantum field, in this 30-minute hands off session, we create a new energetic structure which can assist in integrating ongoing personal and planetary changes with greater ease.                                                                                       $111

Crystal Healing

Earth's own magic

Stones and crystals are placed on and around the body in an intuitively guided pattern, encouraging the individual energies of each stone to interact with the client on a cellular level to heal, restore and inspire.

A wide variety of Andara Crystals, Jasper, Quartz, Amethyst, Carnelian, Hematite, Lepidolite, Selenite, Rose Quartz, Kyanite, Aventurine, Basalt and many more are all available.  

The stones choose the client, thus each session is unique.                                      $100/ $120