About Andara Crystals

Lady Nellie, a Choctaw Medicine Woman, first discovered Andara crystals on her property in February of 1967. They contain Etherium*, a very rare composite of over 70 minerals with a profound effect on the body and its subtle energy fields.  A true Andara has the ability to work with your DNA and to accelerate your consciousness by calibrating your mind when at rest. During sleep they can bring on active dreaming, during a healing session they can take you

deeper within yourself or help you reach further out into the light.

By working with the intentions of your heart, these amazing and powerful crystals are especially helpful for those looking to take a more accelerated path. 

 Change is not always easy. Resistance can be an uncomfortable experience, but we can expect great things if we are willing to accept the challenge.

Information courtesy of Mickey Magic ~ Guardian of the Andaras

photo courtesy of Carey Waters

*The only available source of Etherium in the world is found on Lady Nellie's property.

Andara Attunement

In 2012 MJ was invited to be part of an amazing experience; learning the history of The Andaras and how to work with them. During this workshop, they ate Etherium chocolates and drank wine filtered using Etherium and Andara crystals to allow each participant to attune to the healing frequencies in the fastest yet gentlest way.

  MJ in the heart of the spiral, Soquel, CA 

Photo courtesy of Carey Waters