My business is based on the belief that my clients are also my teachers and through them I am inspired to learn ever more to meet their needs. I welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver to you the highest level of healing care.

Namaste, MJ

                                                                About MJ

MJ's Story

How it all began...

In 1990 MJ was referred to an Osteopath for help with pain in her back, neck and jaw due to poor posture, emotional stress and the usual collection of life's little injuries.

The effects of the CranioSacral work were immediate. The shifts became lasting changes and started the release of old and no longer wanted patterns.

After a life altering Reiki session from a friend, MJ was inspired  to begin walking the Healer's path and to find her passion in Bodywork and Energy Healing.

The Work

MJ's work is ever evolving and her intuitive approach makes every treatment a unique experience. Her goal is to create the best balance for body, mind and spirit by listening to the client's inner wisdom. 

While keeping the integrity of each modality, MJ has found that weaving strands from a variety of therapies, allowing them to flow together as needed, creates a session that is far more powerful than any single modality on its own. 

  "The whole is greater than the sum of its parts".  Aristotle

Resistance Flexibility

Level One training September 2016 

Level Two training April 2017 

Genius of Flexibility Center

Santa Barbara, CA

CranioSacral Therapy

CS-I  February 2009 Portland, ME 

CS-II  January 2010 Lynwood, WA

SER-I January 2015 Portland, OR

All trainings with Upledger Institute


Level I, Core Concepts 2008  BVI

Level II, Advanced 2009  BVI

Advanced Bowen Therapy

Distance learning program

Zero Balancing

ZB-I June 2010 Poland Spring, ME

Summit Springs Health, with Upledger Institute

Energy Works

Polarity Therapy 1994, Portland, ME

Usui Reiki I, II July 2004 Tortola, BVI

Reconnective Healing Oct 2009, Chicago

The Reconnection Oct 2009, Chicago

111 Activation 2012 Woodinville, WA

Universal Sphere 2012 Woodinville, WA

Andara Crystals 2012, Soquel, CA

Massage Therapies

Intro to Swedish 1992 PRVTC, ME

Shiatsu Acupressure 1992 SMTC, ME 

Polarity Massage 1994 PRI Portland, ME

AMTFTS 2011, AMT Port Townsend, WA 

MyoKinesthetic System 

MYK Upper Body Program 

Online December 2018

MA 6031207

Washington State Massage License 2012

ABMP Member # 1084450     2014

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Have you ever noticed that sometimes life feels like it is going in circles, revisiting old archetypes inherited from family or community? 

I believe that removing old energy patterns layer by layer is the key to finding a way to a better feeling place.

When one is willing to do the work, the relief is well worth the effort.

I think of it as walking around a Spiral,

where every healing journey begins from the heart.